Rules & Conditions
of the BWWPL               

Updated January 2013

1. Name

The League shall be called the Bristol and West Water Polo League, formerly known as the Bristol and District Water Polo League, and shall be affiliated to Gloucestershire ASA, ASA South West and governed by ASA Law.

2. Objects

The objects of the League shall be to promote the game of Water Polo in accordance with ASA Law.

3. Membership

Membership shall be open to clubs affiliated to the ASA or Welsh ASA. Clubs wishing to be members shall make a written application to the Hon. Secretary before November 1st in the year prior to the year of competition in which membership is sought. The acceptance of any such application shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee and subject to the conditions set out in Rule 17.

4. The Officers

The Officers of the League shall comprise: President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Hon. Referees’ Co-ordinator and Hon. Auditors (two), to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

5. Management

A Management Committee consisting of the President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Referees’ Co-ordinator, plus a  delegate representing each division (but a minimum of three) as elected at the Annual General Meeting (five to form a quorum) shall manage the League The Committee has full executive powers to manage the League’s business in all matters.

The Committee shall have authority to amend any League Rule, which is affected by changes to the Rules of Water Polo.

All fines and expenses ordered by the Committee shall be paid to the Hon. Treasurer who shall reimburse none-offending clubs as directed the Committee when appropriate.

The Committee may suspend from the activities of the League, any club that fails to pay, within 28 days of notification, any monies owed.

The committee shall have the power to deal with any matter referred to the League by any ASA County or District Association.

6. Chairman’s Vote

The Chairman of any meeting shall have a vote in his own right, and a Chairman’s casting vote.

7. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held on or before December 31st, and no alteration deletion or addition to rules shall be made except at such meeting or Special General Meeting.

Notice of any proposed change to rules must reach the Hon. Secretary in writing on or before November 1st preceding the Annual General Meeting or 28 days prior to a Special General Meeting.

A Special General Meeting shall be called on the written request of a minimum of five playing clubs or a decision of the Committee. A meeting must be called within six weeks of receipt of such a request. Only items specified in the request for a meeting may be discussed.

No resolution for change of rule shall be adopted unless carried out by a
two-thirds majority of the officers and delegates present and voting.
Clubs shall be advised of the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting at least 21 days prior to the date thereof.
Voting shall be one vote per club per participating team plus one vote per committee member.

Other delegates at a meeting are entitled to speak to a, but not vote. Any team what fails to return League Trophies or before the Annual General Meeting or fails to return them in a clean and sound condition will be fined £35.

8. Quorum

The quorum at any General Meeting shall be 50 per cent of the number of clubs entitled to be present.

9. Nominations

Nominations for officials shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

10. Annual Fixture Meeting

The Hon. Secretary shall convene a meeting of clubs in December or January to arrange fixtures for the season. Clubs may arrange fixtures prior to the meeting.

All fixtures are to be in the hands of the Hon. Match Secretary at the end of the Fixture Meeting. Any competing team that fails to send a delegate to the Fixture Meeting shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £35

11. Subscription

The subscription for each season shall be decided at the Management Meeting immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting. The subscription and any fines due shall be paid to the Hon. Treasurer not later thank January 31st. Failure to pay the annual subscription by the due date may result in a fine not exceeding £40.

12. Competition

The Competition shall be conducted annually on a home & away basis and will be completed before October 31st. An extension of the playing season may granted in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Match Secretary.

Each club shall be responsible for their own travelling expenses.

Two points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

In the event of a match not being played, the Management Committee shall decide the outcome. Should two or more clubs have equal points at the end of the competition, the final position shall be decided by:

a. The results of matches between the two equal teams or, should that be identical;
b. Most goals scored in the games between those sides or, should that be identical:
c. Goal difference.

The premier division will be played on a home & away basis with the addition of a final round of matches played at a central venue, unless otherwise decided by the management committee. The pool hire and referees expenses will be jointly paid for by all clubs in that division. It will be offered to the clubs to be hosted each year at the fixtures meeting. It is also suggested that all home and away matches are played in advance of the final round so that a conclusion to the division is reached and prizes are presented.


13. Divisions

The Management Committee shall decide the compilation of each division. However, the winner of a lower division (although not the second team of a club competing in the higher division) shall be entitled to promotion.

14. Fixtures

The secretary of the home shall advise the secretary of the away team, the referees and any other officials, if specially appointed, the venue and time at which the match is to commence. This notice must be given at least 10 days prior to the match.

A club wishing to change the date of a fixture after the Annual Fixture Meeting can only do so after obtaining the permission of the Hon Match Secretary. A minimum of 10 days’ notice prior to the notified start time must be given to the opposing team and the referees of postponement whatever the reason. Responsibility for such notifications falls on the team requesting the postponement. If agreement to postponement is given, the match shall be rearranged and the Hon. Match Secretary, Referees’ Co-ordinator and the originally appointed referees must be notified of the new date, venue and time of fixture within 14 days of the agreement to postpone. Clubs contravening this rule shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £30.

Games will consist of four quarters of seven minutes playing time with two minute intervals but otherwise will comply with ASA Rules.

15. Delayed Start

If a fixture is delayed beyond 15 minutes of the notified start time the club responsible shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £30.

In the event of a club failing to have seven players available to start a match within 15 minutes of the notified start time; the non-offending team or the referees may abandon the match. In this event, the referees and the secretary of each team shall within three days submit a written report to the Hon. Match Secretary who in turn shall place the facts before the Management Committee. Clubs contravening this rule shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £10.

16. Players

All players must be registered with the League. Such registration shall include each player’s name, ASA or WASA Registration Number, Gender, and, for junior players, date of birth.
Registrations must be sent to the Hon. Match Secretary in writing at least seven days prior to a match taking place, and no later than 31st January in the year of competition.

Applications for the registration of new players during the season must be received in writing seven days prior to playing and will be subject to a £1 administration fee per player and will also be subject to review in relation to the list of “starred” players below.

A player who is registered with a university team in a lower division and is a bona fide student at that university may also register as a player in a higher division for his home club. A player from a team in a lower division may also register for a team in the top Division, except where his first club has a team in the top Division. Any student or player registered for more than one club may not be a starred player. However, registration for the Senior Knockout Handicap shall be confined to one club, i.e. the team for which he first plays for in the Knockout Cup in the season of competition.

Clubs participating in more than one senior division shall register with the Hon. Match Secretary nine best players as “starred” players, none of whom shall subsequently play in a lower division, unless permission to re-register as a lower division has been granted by the Hon. Match Secretary. In that event, another player must be “starred” in his place. The Management Committee shall approve the list of registrations and nine “starred” players. This rule shall not apply to junior players as defined by ASA Law.

In the Junior Division players must be 16 years of age or under on 31 December in the year of competition.

Any club playing an unregistered player shall forfeit any points gained in the match to their opponents and, further, be liable for a fine of £10 per unregistered player. The non-offending team shall have the choice of either a 0-0 score, or the score as recorded to stand.

17. Referees Panel

The committee shall elect annually referees to be invited to become members of the League’s Panel of Referees. Each referee must be a member of a club affiliated to the ASA or Welsh ASA. Each member club will be required to ensure that at least one of their members is available to be elected to this panel. Furthermore, each member club will be required to ensure that referees from their club carry out a minimum number of refereeing appointments which will be proportional to the number of games played by all teams from the club. The minimum number of appointments will be determined by the Management Committee.

Failure to fulfil the minimum number of appointments may result in a fine not exceeding £35 for each unfulfilled appointment (up to a maximum of £350 in a season) or, in extreme circumstances, expulsion from the league.

18. Referees

The Hon. Match Secretary shall appoint two referees from the League’s Panel to each match. The Hon Secretary and Referees’ Co-ordinator shall have the power to appoint referees if necessary.

Should one referee fail to appear for a match, the remaining referee and the two captains shall, by unanimous agreement, appoint another referee from the League’s panel. If this is not possible, the referee and two captains may, by unanimous agreement, appoint any other referee or agree for the original referee to conduct the match alone. Should both referees fail to appear, two others shall be appointed by the captains, preferably from the League’s panel, but if this is not possible, any qualified referee may be appointed by the agreement of the two captains. If only one referee is available, the game shall be conducted with one referee.

Should both referees fail to appear and the captains fail to agree upon a suitable referee, each club shall bear its own expenses as if the game has been played. In these circumstances a report shall be sent to the Hon. Match Secretary within seven days by each club, and the match rearranged in accordance with Rule 14.

The home club shall pay each referee his expenses. At the end of the season, the referees’ expenses shall be totalled by the Hon. Match Secretary and equalised between the clubs in each division. The expenses of the referees has been set at 30p per mile.

19. Officials

It will be the duty of the promoting club to provide:

Competent Timekeepers and Recorders

Equipment in good serviceable order and to the requirements of the game.

It is recommended that each club provide caps for its own use. This does not exonerate the home club of its responsibility to provide caps for both teams.

Referees are required to report any deficiencies on the match record sheet. Clubs that fail to provide adequate officials, equipment, etc. shall be liable to a fine of £30.

20. Match Record Sheets

At all the matches, each captain, before entering the water, shall give to the Recorder a list, in writing, of his or her players with cap numbers.
At the end of each match, the Referees shall sign an official form to be completed by the Recorder.

A copy of the form shall be sent to the Hon. Match Secretary by each club and one referee within seven days of a match, whether the game is played or not. Any club, which fails to report as prescribed, shall be fined £10 on each occasion.

It shall be the duty of each club to complete, in confidence, the League’s evaluation of referees for each game played. Any club that fails to report as prescribed shall be fined £5 on each occasion.

Where a club awards a “Deficient” evaluation of a referee, that club shall be required to submit a detail report within 30 days to the Hon. Match Secretary, with a copy to the Hon. Secretary of the ASA Water Polo Technical Committee.

21. Unplayed Fixtures

In the event of a match not being played for any reason, both clubs and a referee shall notify the Hon. Match Secretary in writing of the facts and circumstances within three days. The Hon. Match Secretary shall place the facts before the Management Committee, who shall have the powers to make all or any of the following orders:

a. Order payment of a fine not exceeding £35 by the offending team
or teams.

b. Order the award of match points to the non-offending team, tog ether with a two goals to nil victory.

c. Order the match to be re-arranged (this option will always be taken whenever possible).

d. Order the payment of any expenses claimed by the non-offending team.

22. Annual Tournaments

The Senior Handicap shall be competed for annual. Each club shall be entitled to enter one team; any club not wishing to participate shall notify the Hon. Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting. The President at the Annual General Meeting shall make the draw for the competition. Clubs shall be equally responsible for arranging fixtures in the Knockout Competition. Failure to arrange and play a fixture by the given deadline will result in both clubs being fined up to £40 and/or disqualified from the competition.

Games shall only be played after the dates fixed for each round at the discretion of the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Match Secretary. Clubs contravening this rule shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £30.

The Junior Tournament shall be competed for annually.
Each club shall be entitled to enter a junior team.

A tournament sub-committee of three members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. This sub-committee will be responsible for setting a team’s handicap at each stage of the competition; for setting the venue of the Handicap Final and Junior Tournament and making all necessary arrangements.
In the event of scores being level at the end of normal time in a Handicap match, the result shall be decided by a penalty competition.

23. ASA Law

Anything not covered by the above rules will be dealt with according to ASA Laws.